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Our date lasted another two hours after that and the night ended with an amazing kiss.

We spent each day for the next week finding every excuse we could to see each other.

I told my friends that I would give him 24 hours to chat me before I officially deleted the app.

"We spent a few days texting each other before he asked me out on a date for that Friday.

I didn't respond right away, so next morning he wrote again and said, 'Good morning!I already had plans with my roommates who had a serious rule about prioritizing friends over boys, so I sat them down and told them that my five-day texting streak with Josh was so promising that it called for a rain check on girls' night."On our first date, he took me to a place where we got to paint while drinking wine.Tinder can be such a horrific landscape of crotch shots and misspelled "compliments" about the way your breasts look in your profile pic that it's hard to believe anyone has actually met a life partner on there. spoke with four women who found everything they were looking for in the place the last place they expected to find it: Tinder."I still can't believe I met my future husband on an app, especially since I didn't even write a profile and just had a few photos up there.

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