Consolidating databases access

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Every organization has information that it must store and manage to meet its requirements.For example, a corporation must collect and maintain human resources records for its employees.An RDBMS must be able to group SQL statements so that they are either all committed, which means they are applied to the database, or all rolled back, which means they are undone.An illustration of the need for transactions is a funds transfer from a savings account to a checking account.

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When processing a request, the database can use available indexes to locate the requested rows efficiently.

All operations on the data in an Oracle database are performed using SQL statements.

For example, you use SQL to create tables and query and modify data in tables.

Also, these systems lacked a simple query language, which hindered application development.

In his seminal 1970 paper "A Relational Model of Data for Large Shared Data Banks," E. Codd defined a relational model based on mathematical set theory.

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