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It happened to me; I was talking with this woman and she had sent me a picture where she was a young, slim, gorgeous woman with flowing light brown hair.

When we finally met up, she was fifty-seven, over two hundred pounds, and had thin, horrible black hair.

He answered it and talked for about fifteen minutes, ignoring me. I asked him to ignore it, but he wouldn't and he would talk for fifteen to twenty minutes each time.

Once, he even got out of the car to talk so I wouldn't hear him.

She and I were sitting across talking about work when she noticed me staring deeply at her breasts.

He does this thing where when I enter a room, he stops whatever he is doing and comes to me.

I didn't think anyone could be that self-centered, but then I met Crystal!

The next morning, #1 called and asked why I never answered the door or phone.

We flirt all the time, yet on other days we hardly talk to each other.

Even on the days when we don't talk, he is always near by.


She was drop-dead gorgeous, but so full of herself. Nothing and no one else was allowed to be the topic of conversation.

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