Cllocationmanager stopupdatinglocation not working

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There are a couple of differences between start Updating Location (the method used by Cordova on i OS) and start Monitoring Significant Location Changes.start Updating Location keeps the GPS sensor on until stop Updating Location is called.I've attached the modified sample as per the above instructions - you can use it to test whether it works on your end.If you have deployed it on your i OS device with development provision and continue to have problems, can you share what is your device and i OS version, so we can test locally?By the way, is it possible that the error callback on your watches is invoked?Even if you could periodically execute a function while in the background (and i OS doesn't do this, neither in Java Script, nor in Objective-C.It can report location changes with a degree of accuracy specified by the caller.If you build your app with the location background mode enabled, call navigator.geolocation.start Watch and then switch away from your app, i OS will forcefully set the accuracy on the location manager to the lowest setting.

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While your app is in the background, active or not, i OS decides how to manage the GPS sensor and may even turn it off for a while according to their power management rules, and only poll it periodically to check for changes.

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You stated one thing that gives me hope in resolving my issue: What's more, the system can decide to suspend your app and resume it only to report a location change and then suspend it again a short while after.

All that being said, if you use the background location mode and have called navigator.geolocation.start Watch, your app should be resumed and the start Watch callback invoked once the system detects a significant change in location.

Again, depending on circumstance, exactly when this happens can vary.

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