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Because we can all agree that either it was a creator or it wasn't.If it wasn't a creator your left two other options either everything came into existence on their own or they always existed in some form.We don't see the universe in a room temperature kind of state therefore it couldn't have always existed according to the second law.The best answer logically is that a creator created everything including these laws of therodynamics. Let's talk the first and second laws of thermal dynamics.Here's an example: If you walk into a room and you see a cup of ice water and a hot cup of coffee what would you conclude.Would you conclude that those drinks were placed there farely recently or that they've been in that room forever.But, a hundred years ago, we didn't know what cancer was or what caused it.If humankind had decided to follow your argument we would have to assume it was supernatural and leave it at that.

), so why should we provide an answer that is in plain sight? Since nothing comes from nothing, this demands a beginner who just is...That method of reasoning has been proven wrong over and over and over and over and over again.No, we don't know what caused the singularity, or the creation of the universe(for an absolute fact, yet), that's true.Is the Geological Column really based on circular reasoning??? The rocks are dated by the fossils, but the fossils are dated by the rocks???Is there a real observable geological column in the correct order just like the text books say anywhere??

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