Chronos days sim dating game ending

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Yes, I’m well aware that that's probably just wishful thinking, but please allow me my dreams, no matter how wild they may be.

Meanwhile, other events bring Yusei to the enduring attention of Neo Domino Security officer, Tetsuo Ushio/Trudge.

In a flashback, Yusei lost a duel to his friend Jack Atlas, who took Yusei's Duel Runner and ace monster (Stardust Dragon) and escaped to Neo Domino City.

Jack has subsequently been established as "King of Riding Duels/Master of Faster", with the help of his own ace monster (Red Demon's Dragon) as well as the backing of the mysterious Rex Go(o)dwin.

However, traditional-style standing duels are still conducted just as often.

The show presents a juxtaposition between the technologically-advanced Neo Domino City and "Satellite" - the common name for the now-derelict location of the original series.

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