Christian domestic discipline dating

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There is also the instruction for older women to teach the younger women.

Difficult sin problems within the church are dealt with through loving confrontation (Gal. I must also say that the number of women that I know who are walking mature, godly, and submitted lives without DD, makes DD seem unneeded at best.

The extension of this philosophy gets frightening pretty quick.

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I have often seen references to Ricky spanking Lucy on the original “I Love Lucy” show, or to actors like John Wayne and Elvis spanking a woman in a movie. References to secular web sites on how to spank a woman are posted by on-line Christian DDers, and many of these sites prominently show partial or full nudity.It’s as if being spanked, or losing driving privileges for a couple of days, eliminates the wrong.It’s free reign to do whatever you want, as long as you can deal with the punishment – I don’t see that as being biblical.Or maybe fathers should discipline their girls until they are married, and singles/widows should be disciplined by the elders? Or perhaps we should discipline our children so that as adults they are capable of walking with the Lord, following the lead and direction of the Spirit?Having spent time reading messages from a number of DDers, I have a bit of insight into how DD can play out in a marriage.

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