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Freesia is hard to find as star note in most floral perfumes and if managed badly could ruin a perfume but Eternity manages to blend all the other floral notes so well that it allows the freesia to shine without being monotonously boring.

I still cannot get over the variations with this fragrance depending on the type of bottle you have! All have been nice some less sweet some longer lasting than others.

My skin recently has started to amplify any aquatic note whatsoever and white florals, so I'm somewhat sad to see the departure of the noticeable rose I loved so much in this scent during my high school days, but overall the impression of Eternity remains much the same, if somewhat chilled.

The drydown is a very pleasant, sweet white floral, but not cloying as so many of today's sweet florals tend to be.

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I'm a fan of L'Air du Temps as well, but given the "temperature difference" between these two blossoming carnations, L'Air being very warm, and Eternity being chilled, if you're a carnation fan, these scents are quite effective for seasonal rotation. It's well-blended, such that no single note dominates. Nice in spring and summer, but would work year-round, I think.

It has a lovely sillage that gently makes a statement with out being overpowering. There are gentle florals with a dash of spice on sweet sandalwood It has a powdery dry down. I have the vintage version and am not sure if it differs from the new one.

This perfume is a very well balanced white floral, green and slightly aquatic perfume that presents the dewy, slightly sourish, delicate freesia as the star of the show.

There is just an overall bright, fresh, flowery smell of some sort! Would suit a variety of professional and social occasions, except for maybe romantic occasions - it doesn't scream "date night" to me.

It lasts a good 7 or 8 hours on my skin, and it projects very well. To me it has always smelled like drinking champagne and eating fresh pears with vanilla cream sitting in the middle of a lovely spring flower garden! Calvin Klein was where it all began for me, back in the 90s and early 2000s.

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