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The privacy implications are obvious, and are something that Grindr should take more seriously, especially because of the continuing frequency of attacks on LGBT individuals.

Luckily, not every privacy violation on the part of a dating app or website will leave your location vulnerable to stalkers.

Depending on your privacy settings, your profile can be indexed by search engines, and services like Google Image Search can connect the photos on your profile with your real identity, as Carnegie Mellon researchers demonstrated.

Dating sites collect data on you — such as your age, interests, ethnicity, religion, and more — and lend or sell it to marketers.

And popular dating services rarely prioritize strong privacy practices, which means they’re often riddled with vulnerabilities.

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As Anthony Wing Kosner reported for Forbes in 2014, the feature that enables users to find potential matches nearby also put them at risk of stalking.

But Dan Goodlin reported for Ars Technica that automatically disabling the distance function doesn’t actually solve the problem.

Grindr could implement protections that stop users from changing their own location repeatedly, or introduce some rounding error to make other users’ locations less precise.

But it’s probably not much better that some online dating companies have some pretty deceptive and unethical practices when it comes to getting new users to sign up for their services via popular social networks like Facebook.

A CBC report about a married woman who found that Zoosk created a profile for her when she clicked on a Facebook ad made the rounds online, gathering sympathy from other users who were similarly duped and then had explaining to do when their significant others’ discovered that they’d accidentally signed up for a dating service.

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