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The duo, who have been friends for a while, surely had some fans questioning whether or not there was more to their relationship.

Bella has been single for eight months, having split up with ex-boyfriend The Weekend last November.

And how to decide between the hundreds of such songs in the mainstream pew resources?

The answer, we are told, is to look at the theme of the week, which is given by the readings.

Flip through the book and find a song that seems to match in some way. Then consider and anticipate the congregation’s reactions to the pieces of your choosing and give it your best shot. In this model, the musicians are being charged with making the liturgy happen on a week-to-week basis.

The Church struggles to provide liturgical books with deep roots in history, but the musicians show up and put five minutes of thought into making decisions about styles and texts that have a gigantic effect on the overall liturgical ethos.

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It is to accept a job that is almost priestly, but without the trouble of six years of training and ordination.To be sure, it is flattering for the musicians to hear that they have this power.When the workshop leader comes and tell them this, their egos get a boost.The point is not to sing chant but to sing the liturgy itself, meaning the text that is assigned to be sung at the place in the Mass where this particular text is intended to be sung.The notes are important but secondary to the word, which is the word of God.

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