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Graeme’s best-man, Andy Hunt, 32, says: ‘We chose Riga because everyone is talking about it for stag dos.We had no idea they had a special police force just watching out for us tourists.Pub crawls in the capital are not the only form of stag party.More adventurous lads pay huge sums for pool parties in private mountain houses (with more Latvian lovelies on hand to cater for their every whim), shooting trips where the young men fire Kalashnikovs, and sailing trips.We haven’t seen them yet, and we don’t intend to.’ Although he concedes that they had to pay a very large sum at their hotel, X-Dream, to get a stripper to perform and do a ‘special dance’ for the groom-to-be, he adds frankly: ‘We didn’t mind.It’s just sort of thing you do on a stag party but it cost a lot.’ There have been countless occasions where such women have befriended men and encouraged them to buy them cocktails at £80 a shot.The instant messenger of our dating site gives you opportunity to send and to get winks or mails right now fast and safe.

If you are reserved and not very communicable person, it will be better for you to stay in large community of online dating site and it will help you to develop your communicable experiences and have inconceivable personal contacts every day at any time.Sitting next to the Dyson party at Donegan’s is another stag group.They are firefighters from Portsmouth, Hampshire, and are in fine fettle as they celebrate the forthcoming wedding of Graeme Dobson, 36.Then they lace their victims’ drinks with drugs which make the men pass out. But, despite the CCTV cameras on the streets and the circling tourist squad, they cannot be in every bar, monitoring every conversation and every stag making a fool of himself. Let your life begin to blossom with new acquaintances and personal contacts with millions of brides from Latvia and whole world.

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