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When first approaching Bhasker with the project's songs, he stated they were "not good enough".Ultimately, Bhasker collaborated with the pair to write and produce the album's material.Their response to her was that they would rather hear she murdered someone than to tell them she was gay.So to be from a place like SF where equality is second nature means a lot to me. Next time you’re here, be sure and reach out so I can buy you a gin and tonic!One of the highlights from attending this event was meeting and interviewing the lovely Cam Country! EA: First things first, are you a whiskey girl or a wine girl? CC: “Hmm, that’s tough because there are so many cool areas in SF!She is such a down to earth person and has the sweetest, most beautiful soul. CC: “Hmmmm, I’d say 90% of the time wine…unless the Whiskey is so delish and I can’t pass it up. EA: If you could record a duet with any country singer, who would it be? I got to perform with him once but I would LOVE to record something with him someday. I do love a Giants game, but I think I’d have to say the Castro because of the LGBT community.

Zac Brown Band also helped draw inspiration for the album's production and overall sound.Living in Nashville, the views on equality are so different.I had a friend who was 24 and grew up in Alabama come out to her parents. There’s struggles and rough patches that just seem to last forever.Cam perfectly describes this trouble with her song “Hungover on Heartache”. Cam’s littlest fans, Emmy Lou and Kinzlee got the surpise of their very young lifetime when they met their favorite singer, the ultra-talented Cam.

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