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Mon cher, je doit en finir ici mais je m'attends ࠲ecevoir des nouvelles de vous quant ࠣette transaction. Thanks for your understanding Yours In Service Barrister Andy Coulibally (Principal Attorney) ==================================== … ==================================== Eliza Dane Mr Coulibally, Thanx for the quick reply. I'd have thought that the locals wouldn't have stopped someone getting access to cash – they'd stop being refugees, right? Secondly, there's a problem with the ID – I don't have a driver's licence and there are strict rules about copying passports.Votre part sera de 10%Plus 5% pour les frais que vous aurez engagez. sinc貥ment votre, michael Johnson ==================================== As my French is not that good, and for a laugh, I ran it through Babelfish. Regards, Eliza Dane ==================================== …Not that he accepts this… BARRISTER ANDY COULIBALLY (PRINCIPAL ATTORNEY) My future lies in your hand and you own my survival and freedom from this country battling with war.

As for the political crises here in Africa, and especially in Coast-in Ivoire, I believe that you with to be made topicality by CNN, B. C I must add that all the foreign investors anbandonn鳠the cities, for this reason the deprivation settled in the country.By joining our community you will have the ability to post topics and access other forums reserved for members. ) Niaye Christophe, a scammer from an earlier bait, also brought in to mind-fuck the Lads Western Union appears… ==================================== Master Michael Johnson. 16 February 2007 Bonjour, Permettez-moi s'il vous plad'괲e en relation d'affaire avec vous.j'ai besoin dans ce domaine de vos conseil. Mon nom est mae Michael Johnson, Je suis le fils de feu Chef Richard Raymond . Attn: Eliza Dane We confirm herewith the receipt of your detailed mail. Indeed, one Mister Michael Johnson requested for our legal services concerning a fund tranfser,though he has told me much about you as his choosen beneficiary and appointed overseer of the said bank account for partnership and investment purpose in your country. Emmanuel Wayas, “Director Remitancy” at Coopec Bank of Cote d'Ivoire Adams Ifeanyi Eddy, or Eddy Ifeanyi Isa, or eddy Adams – the variously-named Western Union identity for the bank Ban Ki-Moon, Secretary-General of the United Nations (yes, the Lads thought I’d believe that he’d get involved) Fake Imo Udo (see below), created by the Lads to try to regain control Fake Niaye Christophe (see below), also created by the Lads to try to regain control Rose Adams, a Ladette at the Bank of Africa, prepared to help transfer millions of dollars – for totally benign motives, of course Mrs Joy John Obi, Lawyer Ladette, who thanks to Rose Adams was slightly gender-confused Eliza Dane, a petulant Odin-worshipping photomodel from Sydney with a potty mouth and an uncanny resemblance to Sophie Monk; she would later morph into Camille White Imo Udo, an actual scammer whose name is invoked to annoy other Lads, and used here for just that purpose; his script was supplied by 419Eater contributor Mc (for which, many thanks! d' friendly during an adventurous voyage the season derni? ==================================== Eliza Dane Mr Coulibally, Mr Michael Johnson, currently in Abidjan, told me to contact you. ==================================== Andy Coulibally 22 February 2007 FROM THE OFFICE OF PRINCIPAL ATTORNEY, ANDY AND ASSOCIATES CHAMBERS ABIDJAN COTED'IVOIRE. Andy Coulibally, barrister Richard Kouame, Lad claiming to be a contact at the “high court authority of cote d'ivoire” Prof. "I aim to misbehave." Asena - x5 x2 x 183 x 4 - Oyenka Chidinma - Lagos to Cotonou; Dickyboi - Lagos to Accra; Femmy - Lagos to Porto Novo; "Woody" - Accra to Singapore x 7: Dufus & Abavana/Capt Joseph Annan/Victor Walla/Ohene Agyekum/James Jeffrey/Peace Akpobor & John Mensah/Tony Kalaby & Addo Gilbert Ghana-UK /Ghana-Chad/Ghana-Cd I x 2/Ghana-Benin x 7/Ghana-Nigeria x 2/Benin-Ghana/Ekpoma-Kano/Lagos-Port Harcourt/Nigeria-Ghana x 2/Nigeria-Benin x 6/Mali-Cd I x 2/Örebro-Malmö/Ro I-UK x 2/Netherlands-UK x 2/Belgium-UK/France-UK x 2/London-York x 2/London-Liskeard x 2/London-Looe x 4/London-Plymouth x 5/London-Rame Head x 17 CBC Safaris HELL Safari Channel 4 Safaris Actually nine, if you exclude the WU/MG personae - I left one in because he plays a bigger role than expected. Regards, Eliza Dane ==================================== No surprises here – even down to the usual passport demand…inevitably – and so does Money Gram – against the odds! Je souhaiterais que vous supervisiez tous les domaines o? Mon p貥 鴡it un homme tr賠riche et actif dans la politique alors j'esp貥 que l'on donnera une attention urgente et prompte ࠣe courrier. As you know,he is in a refugee status in this country and as the constitution of this country stipulates,he is not obliged to embark into any finacial issue in this country hence he has consulted this chamber for representation and leagl services towards this issue.

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