Boundries in teen dating

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Some allow their children to date whenever their kid decides to while others set an age when their children can start dating.

No matter what the rules are God expects teenagers to obey their parents. When a Christian teenager decides to date a non-Christian it usually hinders the faith of the Christian teenager.

I have seen middle school students “fall in love.” I have seen high school students date for years and continue dating into their college years.

I have seen teenagers hit rock bottom as the person they are dating ends the relationship.

Ephesians 6:1 (ESV) says, Parents should set rules and boundaries for their teenagers when it comes to dating and teenagers should obey those rules. They will usually be pulled away from their relationship with God and be tempted to walk in a way that doesn’t line up with their Christian faith.

In 2 Corinthians (ESV) says, Even though this verse is usually applied to marriage, it also can be applied to dating.

He doesn’t tolerate or share that spot with anyone.

Teenagers must understand that God should be the most important person in their lives.The simple answer as to why is because dating as we know it today didn’t exist back then. These are the Biblical truths we should pass on to teenagers to help them date in a way that would honor God. When it comes to dating, parents have different views.Some parents encourage it while other strongly discourage it.If you are around teenagers, maybe as a parent or youth worker like me, you have seen some of this stuff.If you care about teenagers, as parents and youth workers do, you want to help them navigate and work through the strange world of dating.

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