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First she came by to help me sift through my current wardrobe.

She helped me understand what my body shape is and we talked about my style needs and desires.

She is hardworking and organized, clever and witty.

She is also a sleuth on the dating front, quick to spot potential red flags and highlighting signs of good potential.

Its nice to be able to not be worrying about what you’re wearing. Being a busy professional I just didn’t have time to keep up with styles and I tend to buy the same things over and over.

So, I decided I would give Neely’s Ultimate Makeover service a try.

It was motivating to think entrepreneurially and creatively about my love life and Neely showed me how.

She also created an amazing online profile for me (helpful when you are a busy professional) and led me to a photographer.

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That mindset makes dating stressful and who needs more stress, right?I came across Neely’s video advice column and found her so relatable and her advice so empowering that I immediately emailed her when I found out that she is Boston-based, and was available as a dating coach.Neely got back to me right away with a very thoughtful email, and so began our coaching relationship.She helped me to work on my limiting beliefs regarding myself, dating and men. Neely helped me to focus on building up my core values and cleared up many misconceptions and toxic thoughts I have about dating.I immediately felt a lot more confident socializing and going out on dates.

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