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After hearing the demo and realising the band was devoid of a drummer, Gilbert asked to audition. Butler recalled, "She'd turn up late for rehearsals and say the worst thing in the world – 'I've been on a Blur video shoot.' That was when it ended, really.

in the magazine's 28 October 1989 issue seeking to fill the position: "Young guitar player needed by London based band. "Wonderful Sometimes" won Demo Clash for five Sundays in a row during 1990, leading to a recording contract with the Brighton-based indie label RML.

However, the band's music was out-of-step with the music of its London contemporaries as well as the American grunge bands.

Anderson said, "For the whole of 1991, A&R men wouldn't give us a second look." Through the end of 1991 and early 1992, Suede received a number of favourable mentions in the music press, receiving slots at shows hosted by NME and attended by significant musical figures such as the former Smiths singer, Morrissey.

The album was promoted heavily with the band receiving considerable press coverage on its release, however the response from fans and critics was less enthusiastic than for previous records.

Codling left the band in 2001, citing chronic fatigue syndrome and was replaced by Alex Lee.

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