Baltimore and lesbian dating trac updating

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I'm just looking for somebody to spoil me and show me a good time... My name is Jessica and i was born July 14,1988 so that makes me 19. Born and raised in Maryland, but i am currently livin/goin to college in To be candid, every time I come across the 'about me' section of an internet dating profile... As the space provided seem too small to say all about myself..

I 'll rather be glad I'm the nicest, sweetest person you'll ever meet. I never wear matching I'm a Catholic lesbian feminist who loves protecting the environment and hunting/collecting my own food.

My 5 year plan involves moving to somewhere maybe Fuji, Costa Rica, South America, or Malaysia, get my bachelors degree, have a child (BIG maybe) and settle down.

I know that an opportunity will present itself again and I will be ready.

Bach -Cake is my favorite food -Snow falling makes me happy -Prosecco is my favorite drink -I swear like a sailor, never saw a reason to stop.

I spend most of my free time in my school books majoring in Business management with a concentration in Science of Management in Human Resources.I am not looking for a relationship, but instead, looking to build a friendship with someone who enjoys life and sees it with the same wonder that I do, who stays active and likes to be challenged, and is driven by their curiosity to learn more about the world around them.I am looking for a friend that will be supportive, loving, caring and full of life as I am.I am not here for casual sexual encounters but i am here to meet people I like every type of music except metal, the tv shows wentworth and Orange is The New Black.The sort of people that interest me are cheerful, Self-Assured,lov the outdoors,loves children, and creative.

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