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I did further testing and seemed to confirm this behavior, although I really didn't find it clearly documented or described clearly in any user forms here on Telerik or other places on the net.This behavior is rather inconvenient when you have any level of complexity in your SPs where you are pulling from multiple tables in your select statement, or updating multiple tables in your Update command and your column names that you update don't match 1 - 1 for the columns you need to update.NET forums which elaborate on the same subject and explain how to resolve the issue: regards, Stephenthe Telerik team How do you get this example to work if the parameter names are different in your Update stored procedure than the columns names that get bound to the grid from the select command.Basically, I can't figure out how to map the automatically extracted parameter names and map them to parameter names in the update SP if they are different.Then note that in the syntax above (the update command), I explicitly assigned the input params that the SP will expect, to the params that the grid will generate and pass to the update command in the Sql Data Source.It is very important to note that on the "Command and Parameter Editor" screen, (accessed by right clicking the datasource, then click on "update query"), that all parameters be completely empty on the "Parameters" window.Details View control is often used in master/detail scenario with Grid View control. To work with records, first we need to connect Details View control with some data source. You can do that in design view, like on next image: Also, you can do this if you set Data Source ID property of Details View control to the name of your data source control. Sql Data Source control above uses a database with Products and Categories tables.

Hi s_erbentraut, I believe that the names of the paremeters may be different, for as long as you reference properly the database fields in the statement following the stored procedure declaration.Needless to say, I will be happy to update your Telerik points for your involvement.Details View server control is used to display, delete, insert or edit a single record from data source. More about Form View control you can read in Form View Control: Step by Step tutorial. After we created Sql Data Source control, we need to associate it with Details View control. Category Name FROM Products INNER JOIN Categories ON Products. ID ORDER BY Product ID" This data source contains commands for all four basic operations: Select, Update, Insert and Delete.Run the example and Details View control will show first record, similar to the next image: Before using an example you need to set Data Key Names property of Details View control to the name of table primary key column.

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