Are noodle and 2d dating

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Summary- Noodle is back with the band on Plastic Beach, but is not happy when she finds out 2D and the Android are dating.It is soon found out why.2Dx Noodle type story, (I think I failed at that, but ah well lol) Enjoy!Murdoc, the demon bass player of the band, and the man who created the android replica, was stood behind her, a cigarette in between his fingers.

"Nevermind..."Murdoc hesitantly put a hand on her shoulder, not fully knowing what horrors she went through in Hell, and how it affected her, mentally and physically.

Revealing her damaged eye, Murdoc's eyes grew wide at the damage."Wot 'appened?

" he asked moving some of her hair away from her eye, getting a better look at it."I'd rather not talk about it"Murdoc kept his eyes on her badly injured eye.

or that thing you pass off as me" She snapped in reply, refusing to look in his direction, her hugging grip on her legs getting tighter.

Murdoc gave a sigh, dragging his hand down his face."Luv, try to look at it in our point of view.

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