Apple mail rss feeds not updating

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I just know these feeds should update at least every few minutes, yet Outlook often takes an hour or more to show any changes.

So why are RSS feeds so darned slow to update in Outlook?

Also, if your results exceed the maximum number of items you selected, the feed will only display a link back to your results in Pub Med.

If you would like to display more complete search results, consider using e-Utilities to create a script.

After an email exchange and a little bit of prodding in the right direction from Yours Truly Mr.

Jeff Atwood, I finally understand what's going on and how to fix it. When a feed is added to Outlook, the default settings (which are hidden under the ‘Advanced’ button) are to .

The RSS (Really Simple Syndication) function in Pub Med allows you to generate an RSS feed of a Pub Med search to display new results, with links back to the citations in Pub Med.

To create an RSS feed and enter it into a feed reader: Note that your RSS feed will only display new items.

So even when the minimum TTL is lowered to 5 minutes, Outlook still will not even try to check more often than every 30 minutes; this is the default setting of the default Send & Receive Group.

There are millions of RSS feeds that consist of headlines or short summaries of content with a link provided to the original source.

The feeds can also contain the complete content, and include attachments of almost any type.

A standardized XML file format allows the information to be published once, and then viewed by many different programs such as Microsoft Office Outlook 2007.

A common example of RSS content is sources of information such as news headlines that are frequently updated.

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