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Look at the rising action in the opening moments of “i” because there are hints at the unfolding storyline.

In the first verse, he debates reacting to public pressure as he take bolder leaps into rebellious self-love.

(Haunt you) Peace to fashion police, I wear my heart On my sleeve, let the runway start You know the miserable do love company What do you want from me and my scars?

As Kendrick begins “u”, he points more severe criticism at himself.

Where this is important is in the false security that a picture will be temporary.

People feel safe in exposing themselves in a Skype or Facetime chat because it is live.Rather than rise out of the pits too soon, he sits in his doubt and exaggerates the effects, reducing talent to almost nothing, handing himself over to outside judgment: I place blame when you steal Place shame when you steal Feel like you ain’t shit Feel like you don’t feel, confidence in yourself Breakin’ on marble floors Watchin’ anonymous strangers tellin’ me that I’m yours But you ain’t shit I’m convinced your talent’s nothin’ special I went to war last night With an automatic weapon, don’t nobody call a medic I’ma do it till I get it right I went to war last night I’ve been dealing with depression ever since an adolescent Duckin’ every other blessin’, I can never see the message I could never take the lead, I could never bob and weave From a negative and letting them annihilate me He represents opposing forces en masse, yet still braves tough times readily, with room to acknowledge his fears.Kendrick’s David-over-Goliath metaphor usually takes on presumed hip hop foes.According to recent studies, 20% of all teens have taken some kind of nude or semi-nude photo on their phones. Warning to teens: just having them may be against the law – possession of a nude photo of someone under 18 is illegal in most western countries, even if the possession is consensual.You may be thinking that you don’t have any of photos, but a photo could be compromising in other ways.

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