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Brown survived but lost his sight and part of his right hand..On 10 January, a small bomb exploded outside the Euromarche supermarket in Riyadh. A bomb placed in a waste bin outside the Jarir bookstore on Oleya Road in central Riyadh on 15 March injured British national Ron Jones.All of those involved in the 'alcohol trade' were arrested and detained.The suspects were well-paid professionals with no prior record of violent crime.Apart from the confessions, which both men later retracted, there was no evidence to link any of the western detainees to the bombing campaign.Sampson and Mitchell were later sentenced to death but were eventually released (but not pardoned) along with several other British detainees in August 2003 in a prisoner exchange deal brokered by the UK and US for Saudi detainees from Guantanamo Bay.Diplomats from the British Embassy in Riyadh were investigated by Scotland Yard and cleared of any involvement.

Saudi Arabia itself has been accused of funding terrorism in other countries, The US military sent forces to Saudi Arabia in 1990 after Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait. presence, as it violated a Muslim tradition of excluding non-Muslim from permanent residence in the Arabian peninsula.

After the US-led coalition won the 1991 Gulf War, it led to bases elsewhere but several thousand service members, mostly associated with Operation Southern Watch, remained. It is believed this is one of, if not the main reason Osama bin Laden called for jihad against the United States.

There were no attacks against American forces and Westerners in the country until after 1995.

Both men maintain their innocence, citing torture was used to extract 'confessions.' Court action taken in the UK by the men since their release failed after the UK High Court supported Saudi Arabia's defense under the State Immunity Act 1978.

Those charged with the murders were accused of carrying out the attacks on behalf of MI6, the British Secret Intelligence Service.

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