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This can help to ensure normal alignment of bone and cartilage.

It may also be used during ankle fracture repair to look for cartilage injuries inside the ankle.

I had tried all different types of shoes, orthotics and tapes, so in 2008 I decided to start working in only socks most of the day and never turned back.

Going barefoot taught me a lot about my own body and how I was creating my own hip and back pain.

Being a physical therapist, seeing 14 people a day with different body and foot types, has allowed me to test my posture and movement principles within myself and on my clients.

The goal of these therapies is to unblock or re-balance your energy force.

Energy therapies include qi gong, healing touch and reiki.

The second fact that you should know is that your body adapts to the forces you put on it; so your body will compensate and adapt to the shoes you have chosen throughout life, usually in a negative way.

These compensations and adaptations happen over years and typically catch up to you sooner or later in the form of pain or deformity in your feet, knees or back; so your body is built to function one way, but you have forced it to function in another.

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