Adult dating in louisville kentucky

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Even if the daily routine stays the same spice things up between the sheets!Here’s 6 ways you can turn up the heat and put the spice back into your sex life.You pay attention to someone’s true colors the first time because you know that you can’t...Sep 14, 2017 | Blog, Uncategorized Here’s the thing if you don’t make the commitment in anything in life you’re not going to succeed.Set the Scene After a stressful day or week sometimes you just need to set the scene to get in the mood. It’s the little things that can help us unwind and set the mood for a great night with your partner.

But what if we completely changed how we approached our date?

And then this happens…we start to look for the red flags and what could possibly be wrong with this person before getting to know their heart?

When we look for the bad before really getting to know someone we can immediately set up the relationship for failure.

Maybe even try some yoga poses in bed or on the mat with your partner. Try new places in and out of the house to keep the excitement flowing.

Make a bucket list of new places and start checking one off at least once a month.

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