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Episodes in this season are hit or miss, but there are some real gems here, such as "Zorak," where Space Ghost recounts the life and times of his mantis band leader with the help of an entomologist and an exterminator, and "Boatshow," a musical episode starring Steve Allen and Andy Dick.

"Joshua" is another favorite, and is one of the most creative and un-talk show episodes I can remember from the series, taking the form of a tongue-in-cheek marketing video that's supposedly "not for release." I also appreciate any cameo by Brak (voice provided by producer Andy Merril), who can eat a whole pound of ham.

This week we watched the season finale, which touted the largest amount of story to the series yet.

And while we like the idea of the story, the execution of the grandiose plot was done very poorly.

But for those with a wicked sense of humor, and a taste for religious satire, gets by on its sheer silliness.

Meatwad always comes off as the idiot of the trio but he pulls off some fast ones, too.

Sure, it includes a bonus disc packed with five pilots (roughly 80 minutes of mediocre entertainment), but beyond that, this set is a complete waste.

CLICK HERE to read reviews for each is rather hit or miss with its franticly paced sketches, the season as a whole was very funny.

Multiple sketches are worth watching over and over again, while at times we are glad that some of the sketches are only a couple seconds long.

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