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One person who was at the scene tells TMZ Teairra was "really messed up ...she couldn't even stand." And it gets worse ... That means 10 schools, 9 bedrooms, dozens of cliques, a ragtag variety of bullies, some wonderful teachers and some not-so-wonderful teachers. I felt a little like a plastic bag being blown around by the wind.You guys, I'm so excited about Elodia Strain's new novel! After losing her job, her house, and her long-term boyfriend, Gabby’s roommate signs her up to be in a dating experiment.Lucky for me, they have two of the most beautiful horses I've ever seen.3.

I said that because I know Donald Trump couldn't tell the difference." After the thank you dinner, Kathy raved about the NBA legend -- and gave the plate-by-plate breakdown on what he had to eat.

Everything would be better because I would finally have control. In college I had more influence over my own life than ever before, but new problems quickly arose. Whatever you’re told, being an adult doesn’t mean you have control.

But I knew that when I escaped high school, everything would be different.

Teairra Mari -- the hot chick who appeared with Bow Wow in the 2010 movie "Lottery Ticket" -- is accused of doing the ONE thing you should never do after getting arrested for DUI ... Law enforcement sources tell us the 23-year-old actress/singer was driving a silver Infiniti through Beverly Hills around AM, when she rear-ended the car in front of her.

Police at the accident scene observed "signs of intoxication" from Teairra -- and arrested her for DUI.

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