Accomadating iol europe

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These personalized progressive addition lenses can reduce unwanted distortions, improve adaptation and ultimately increase patient satisfaction,” Dr. Many of the new digital lenses now offer technologies that the companies say will eliminate eye fatigue and boost reading on digital devices.

This new era of progressives includes Essilor’s Varlilux portfolio, which has incorporated technologies that provide sharper vision in all lighting condition, easier transitions between distance and near zones, and a reduction of swim, according to the company.

If a patient has high demand for near acuity, bifocal GP lenses may still be one of the best options.

For those patients who have sufficient crystalline lens change and whose best contact lens corrected vision has been on the decline, then discussing a premium IOL is an excellent option, Dr. Expected to arrive in the second quarter of 2016, this monthly replacement silicone hydrogel lens will combine the three-zone progressive design from the company’s Biotrue One Day multifocal with its Ultra contact lens material.

A microscopic battery stimulates internal liquid crystals when pupil size decreases. Donnenfeld, who was part of the investigative team in an FDA trial of the lens, explains that most subjects tolerated the Tecnis with minimal distance distortion, as well as reduced glare and halo.

“You do lose a little bit of contrast, but it’s [part of] a whole new generation of lenses that appear to be very interesting,” he says, adding that the device is likely to be available in the United States in 2017.• Calhoun Vision Light Adjustable Lens.

This flexible, non-hinged, single-optic IOL features closed-loop haptics angled anteriorly 10°, causing the optic to flex and change curvature with accommodation.• Brien Holden Vision’s extended depth of focus (EDOF) contact lenses.These recently received FDA clearance and are scheduled to be available this year.As the ciliary muscle contracts and relaxes, energy is transferred to the zonules and lens capsule, where it squeezes fluid from the haptics into the optic to increase its anterior curvature.• Sapphire Auto Focal IOL (Elenza).Electroactive optics in this intraocular lens help it change power when accommodation is necessary.

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