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NBCS has created some new spaces for learning: , which seeks to combine social and learning space as one concept, breaking down any concept of ‘separate’ classrooms.

The Marketplace is an active glass canopy positioned over old spaces in order to radically transform the heart of the original school from industrial-era design to agile spaces suited to community life, engaged learning and enhanced through mobile technologies.

The area of least attention has arguably been the key to global change – the importance of physical space as the cohesive component that facilitates global change. The industrial-era experience of education is centred around ‘separation’ as a key concept.

Separate teachers working in separated classrooms on separate programs, created separately by individuals.

This would enable them to teach two music classes in the one space, regardless of the level of musicianship or age.

The space became like a large loving room with immediate and obvious high engagement, across the age range of students.

Many schools have created virtual spaces to support face-to-face learning, enabling transitions from the real world to virtual spaces and back again, seamlessly in diverse contexts.

Likewise attention has been focused on the key role that relationships play in engaging students into learning – with the social and emotional spheres of school life being under focus.

Rhythm and Blues: At the end of 2011, secondary music teachers requested that a wall with an operable door be completed removed between their two larger teaching spaces.

As part of its focus on leading the change in learning, SCIL has deliberately grown its understanding of the interplay between spatial concepts as a means to accelerate change.

Much work has been done in the last two decades revisiting pedagogic space.

We have seen that if you place vision at the heart of school’s operation, and then share and grow that vision with high purpose, then innovation becomes a natural by-product.

People are encouraged to take risks and condense any ideation and action phases of change into an accelerated journey that embraces failure, as much as it values success.

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