Abusive dating hotline

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Jennifer Gómez says she was surprised how many teens -- of both genders - thought it was OK for girls to hit guys.And after the story involving singers Chris Brown and Rihanna hit the news a few years ago, Emilio Ulloa, Ph D -- another dating violence expert -- noticed that plenty of high-schoolers assumed that Rihannahad done something wrong. Some grow up in cultures that urge the men to be strong, which some guys confuse with being aggressive or controlling, says Ulloa, who researches dating violence at San Diego State University.He didn’t have the realization of him being this monster to me.He has to live with the fact that he’s a monster in my eyes.If you’re facing an immediate threat to your safety, you can call 911.

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Abusive behavior between teenaged guys and girls is common these days, as Jennifer and several experts told Web MD.Always clear your browsing history after searching the web.Consider using a public or friend’s computer if you are concerned about someone viewing your browsing history.Being in an unhealthy relationship is stressful, Eat well, exercise and get enough sleep. It’s a hard decision; it may not be the right one for you.

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