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Most women aren’t actually that impressive if you take away their looks. It’s also a truth that women understand this fact and are aware that their value is based on nothing more than their looks.

That is why they are so turned off by men who put them on a pedestal for no reason.

Every minute, some new romance lights up a spot the globe. ‘Even if I met someone, he wouldn’t like me when he really got to know me.’ Fall in love with yourself and your own life and develop gratitude for what you have.

She said, “Maybe I can do better.” Julie had a case of thinking. ” The other says, “There’s not enough love to go around.” Both extremes cause you think of love in terms of numbers. Love happens at the right time, between the right people. Notice the tree outside your window, the neighbor who feeds your cat when you’re out of town, the variety of leftovers in your fridge. Watch if you tend to catastrophize or criticise yourself a lot eg.

Help the men around you feel important and valuable in your life. Be aware of your negative thoughts and actively change and transform them into what you value in your life.

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Men are giving women value based on nothing but their looks and some perceived idea of how she will be in the future.

To achieve true abundance in life I recommend the following steps: These are some great ways to start creating options in your life and greater abundance.

Of course a crucial rule applies here, that is: in order to have great abundance and options in life, you have to also be a person that embraces opportunity and be a high value man to attract more women and opportunities. I’m very happy that you have decided to take this path in life by taking the first step and reading this.

Have they all been taken.” I also know women who have got married in all these age groups. There is some truth that as you move into your mid to late 30’s, some men will already have partners. Your mentality and belief systems do affect whether you meet someone or not, though if it’s not happening, there could be some reasons for that like where you live, if there are only couples in your social group, if you are socially anxious etc. If you continuously tell yourself you will never meet someone, chances are you won’t as it becomes a self-fulfilling prophesy.

Feel good about yourself, confident and interested in your own life “The scarcity mentality cares what other people have, while the abundance mentality doesn’t.” I have heard many times from women in their 20’s up to their 70’s ask; “are there really any good men left out there?

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