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You further acknowledge and agree that this section shall in no way infringe upon the rights of ABK-Soft to pursue other legal remedies against you or to collect other damages for additional causes of action, including but not limited to libel, defamation, tortuous interference with business, fraud, theft, copyright infringement, trademark infringement, or other legal causes of action, and that this section shall be applicable and enforceable regardless of whether ABK-Soft pursues any other such legal remedies, and regardless of the outcome of any such actions. In the event that your breach of any provision of this LA is proved by a court of competent jurisdiction, you agree that you shall reimburse ABK-Soft for all expenses related to the enforcement by ABK-Soft of its legal rights under this agreement, including but not limited to its attorneys` fees, court costs, administrative fees, and all other relevant costs, fees, and expenses incurred by ABK-Soft that are associated with enforcing its legal rights under this Agreement. Any third party or subsequent entity that purchases, installs, copies, downloads, accesses or otherwise uses the "Software Product", as well as any third party or subsequent entity that views, copies, creates derivative works from, appropriates, or otherwise alters all or any part of the source code, whether on not such actions were performed legally and in accordance with the terms of this LA, shall be bound by the terms of this LA, as amended from time to time by ABK-Soft and posted online by ABK-Soft at its web sites.Performing any of the actions enumerated above shall constitute constructive agreement to be bound by the terms of this LA. For the purposes of this LA, copyright infringement includes the acts of selling, licensing, giving away, or otherwise distributing all or any part of the source code contained in this "Software Product", or using all or any part of the source code to create derivative works.You agree that ABK-Soft has the right to use any and all means necessary to enforce its rights if you are in material breach of this agreement, including but not limited to the right to repossess the software electronically by disabling it remotely over the Internet, and that termination will not entitle you to a refund of the purchase price or any other amounts paid under any circumstances whatsoever.Termination will have no effect on your obligation to safeguard and protect proprietary rights of ABK-Soft, disclaimers and warranties, the Copyright Infringement section, or the Refund Policy. Under all circumstances, you are prohibited from removing any of the copyright notices from the software, whether contained in the program code or within the HTML pages that the program generates.If you use new domain for new language and site remains the same, than you do not have to purchase additional licenses.

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You may not continue to use the original "Software Product" if you accept and use the upgraded "Software Product".Access to the source code of the "Software Product" by the infringing party shall constitute proof of copyright infringement under this LA if any of the other conditions above have been satisfied. You agree that, in order to maintain your ongoing license to use the "Software Product", ABK-Soft shall have the right to post reasonable amendments to this LA online from time to time at its web sites, and that you shall be bound by such amendments.Such amendments must be designed to protect the intellectual property rights of ABK-Soft in the "Software Product" and may not impose additional or ongoing fees for using the "Software Product" other than those that you agreed to or that were in effect at the time that you licensed the "Software Product"."Software Product" License All and any of ABK-Soft software packages are called "Software Product" here.The "Software Product" is protected by International copyright treaties, trademark laws, and other intellectual property laws and treaties. THIS LA GRANTS YOU THE FOLLOWING RIGHTS: (a) Software Installation and Use.

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