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Stuck on the island this holiday because you’re (almost) broke?Don’t think that you can’t have a fun time just because you have no money.The Gogreen E-Mobility Lifestyle Hub, located right below Starbucks at The Fullerton Waterboat House, offers a plethora of options from bicycles to e-scooters and Segway Minipros.

Cost: Free for off-peak hours, from for peak hours.Be sure to walk through Henderson Waves (connecting Mount Faber Park to Telok Blangah Hill Park), a wave-like structure 36 metres above ground, making it the highest pedestrian bridge in Singapore! Flea markets are especially popular among youths in Singapore, with the most common weekly flea market at Scape.While you will need to select the right flea for your budget from the list here – not all of them have dirt cheap sales – you might just be on your way to a flea to snag more than 5 pieces of clothing for less than . Cost: Challenge yourself to grab 5 pieces for My idea of a perfect outing is simply catching up over lunch and dinner, and then going for desserts afterwards.which means that it will burn calories much faster and more efficiently than other forms of exercise. This outdoor movie concept is held near Marina Bay Sands, so you get to enjoy a movie with Singapore’s picturesque skyscrapers in the background.AMPED is one of the few trampoline parks in Singapore that will give you a chance to kill 2 birds with one stone – catch up and have fun with friends while still burning off that sinful meal you had the night before. Cost: From Yes, you read that right, outdoor movies in Singapore. Screened movies can be voted on Movie Mob’s Facebook page! I’m very sure that the majority of you have visited this place as a primary school student.

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